Motorcycle Safety Tips By Your Local Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

There are two kinds of motorcyclists: those who have fallen off and those who are going to fall off. Whenever a person falls off a motorcycle, the injuries are usually quite big, so it is advisable to be aware of and know the safest way to reduce injuries while riding a motorcycle. Doing so could save your life.

Proper maneuvering

There are plenty of magazines dedicated to motorcycles and their safety. These magazines often mention people who have fallen off their bike because they were trying to maneuver through a small space. It is recommended to avoid doing this as much as possible.

Hitting objects (signs, posts, trees, guardrails and especially cars) could result in death. If drivers notice that they are going to inevitably hit something, it is recommended that they try to brace him or herself or jump from the bike. To force a fall, it is advisable to brake forcefully with the front brake and turn to the direction that you want to fall.

Once on the ground, make sure the bike stays with you – it is better that the bike receives the brunt of the impact. It is very difficult to learn how to do this unless you have been in a motorcycle accident before. Depending on the speed, riders can get shot over the other vehicle or towards the asphalt, suffering multiple abrasions or broken bones.

Using the right equipment

Motorcyclists that get caught under the bike during an accident could suffer severe injuries. Most will experience scrapes and burns, but multiple fractures in the upper and lower limbs may be possible as well. Some urban motorists choose to wear inappropriate clothing like shorts and t-shirts.

A t-shirt does not provide any protection, especially in the summer. A good homologated protective jacket can reduce abrasions, and the same happens with trousers. Experts recommend that this clothing is of leather or Kevlar, possibly reducing 25% to 30% of abrasions.

Most people will try to break their fall with their hands, but this can cause serious injuries. It is imperative that you wear approved gloves, either made of leather, among others. Make sure the gloves you choose are comfortable and of the right size too. Contact a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer for more details.